Greetings my name is Andre and I build

Websites ~ Online Stores ~ Apps

Using Languages like

PHP ~ CSS ~ HTML ~ Javascript ~ XML ~ JSON ~ Liquid

and Frameworks such as

Vue.js 2 ~ Axios ~ Bootstrap 4 ~ Codeigniter 3

interacting with Platforms such as

Shopify ~ Airtable ~ FortRabbit

Ready to get started? Just fill in the Airtable form below.
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Hi this is Andre and I started building websites in the 90s...

A few years ago I learned a PHP framework called Codeigniter and built an ecommerce shopping cart & platform for a client. Integrated it fully for selling on Amazon, and then built Shipping, Fulfillment, Admin, Blog, etc, features for it. The e-commerce platform I built reliably processed millions of $ worth of orders from the shopping website and amazon.

In mid 2017 we determined that services had advanced to the point where it would be the next logical step in the growth of the store and other sales channels - and so we moved over to Shopify. I set up the new store , transitioned products etc from 'old' platform - and then built custom inventory, shipping, and fulfillment tools that are used with that store.

In 2018 built custom apps with the amazing Vue javascript framework & PHP. For example rebuilt Shipping Apps to allow real time processing of complex shipping operations that integrate with Shopify.

Lately - besides building new e-commerce stores on Shopify - am really excited about a freemium service called Airtable. It allows for many different types of project, product, and content management that greatly help any kind or size of project.

I believe in and try to help to foster community. I have been the organizer of the free monthly San Francisco E-commerce meetup for over 4 years. I have learned from and interacted with many talented e-commerce developers, merchants, and business people. And for the past two years I have been organizing the free SF PHP Meetup group. PHP is the dominant language used on the internet and there are many talented presenters who have helped to educate the community in our meetups.

So if you have an online website or store that needs some help, a retail store that needs an online presence, if you are looking to start an e-commerce shop, or maybe you just need some help getting a blog started - fill out the airtable contact form above with a brief description of your needs. I am open to trade and my rates are sliding scale depending on your situation.

Thanks very much, Andre

p.s. some notes on e-commerce:

E-commerce is a vast arena with many different options. There are many 'solutions' but unfortunately because of technical churn most of them turn obsolete. This can in turn drain an e-commerce shop owner's time & money. What look like easy inexpensive solutions often turn into failing platforms that can not help you grow your sales or reach your customers effectively.

Every step - from making sure the shopping cart works well on smart phones - to an efficient system for shipping out the orders - are critically important to your overall success. The product presentations, photos and descriptions work together to make the sale. And at the same time having a realistic marketing plan for getting qualified shoppers to your store has to be implemented.